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Our Advanced Servicess to you

Our SKYSCRAPER and HIGH-RAISE Building Servicess.

  • Skyscrapers with 60 above stories: For any complex skyscrapers, we arrange overseas technical collaboration with the top ten specialized skyscraper design consultants globally.
  • Skyscraper Upto 60 Floors: Concept | Core Designing | Planning
  • High-rise Buildings (+ 20 floors): Planning | Structural Designing | Prject Management

An Australian-based and officially registered technology export consultancy.

Australian Registered design engineers, with hands-on global expertise in the design of 85+ floor high-rise buildings.

NOTE: For a more comprehensive and tailored consultation, please reach out to us with specific details about your project, including its size, location, and the number of floors. We will then provide you with the information you need.

Apartments | Commercial | Villas Planning & Design

Share your Site Sketch, Get a Full DIY Kit: Detailed 2D/3D Drawings, Animations, DIY Instruction Manuals, Videos Included.

Steps to Complete Your Project:

Step1. Share Site Plan Sketch.

Step2. Receive Preliminary Drawings & Cost Estimate.

Step3. Conduct ZOOM Discussion for Clearer Drawings

Step4. Develop Building Plan | External & Internal Views for Your Approval

Step5. Provide Detailed A3 Size 2D/3D Drawings for Execution.

Get you DIY Detailed Books | Instruction Manuels | Video instructions | Management tips Etc…

Book-1: Architectural

Book-2: Foundation

Book-1 of 10 Structural